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Hendra Visits… DairyLand

On a beautiful sunshine filled day we visited DairyLand, a farm attraction, minutes away from Hendra. There are lots of play areas outdoors and a massive indoor play area – The Bull Pen, along with animals, tractor rides and pony rides.

Farm Animals, DairyLand, Newquay Outdoors our little one (3 and a half) loved the diggers; you can use the manual ones, which pick up sand or there is a mechanical one, which you pay a pound for – both were massive hits. There is an indoor mini tractor ride on area and a place where you can shoot foam balls at targets. The real tractor ride/hay ride takes you around the surrounding area of the Park, so you get to see the glorious Cornish countryside and stop off at lake where you can feed the ducks.

Children can experience lots of animal interactions here, with goat feed available to purchase, you can also pet the ponies, lambs, cows, and rabbits. You can help bottle feed the small animals and pat-a-pet too at certain times throughout the day. The even littler one loved the farm animals, and there was lots of excited laughter whenever an animal got close!

Adults and older children can learn a bit of history about dairy farming at the museum, and there is a Clarabelle the cow, DairyLand, NewquayTractor House too, with a great display of tractors and engines. You can see Clarabelle, the mechanical cow, get milked and watch the real cows get milked too. DairyLand is a perfect all year attraction, with different things going on each hour throughout the day. Seasonal events such as Easter and Halloween are also celebrated.

DairyLand is fantastic for all weathers. The indoor Bull Pen is a large play area, excellent for when the weather turns. When we were there it was very hot, and it was actually good to get the kids out of the sun for a little while so they could cool down! There is a soft play area for under-fives, as well as a bigger play area for older children, with big slides that can be ridden using a mat, and, not for the faint hearted, two demon drop slides. There is a café here, so adults can have a cup of coffee while little ones play.

DairyLand Picnic areas, and diggers, NewquayThere is Clarebelle’s café, separate from The Bull Pen Café, selling kids lunch boxes, sandwiches, and light bites, as well as hot food. There is a microwave for adults to warm up baby food. There are numerous picnic areas, outdoors and a large picnic area all under cover. We can thoroughly recommend the ice cream, which was extremely creamy and we very much enjoyed getting in touch with our inner child and having Candyfloss flavour! Toys and traditional and local Cornish food can bee purchased in the gift shop to take home, so you can be transported back to Cornwall through your taste buds.

There is plenty to do here for children from small babies up to older children. There are discount vouchers in the Hendra Welcome Book, and you can have free unlimited entry throughout the week after you have bought a ticket. It is very easy to visit from Hendra, as it is less than a 10-minute drive away, with lots of parking.

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