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Important info your holiday terms and conditions

Everything you need to know...

Terms and Conditions

Your agreement with us

Please read these terms carefully as they make up your agreement with us, together with your booking confirmation and the information on our website and in our brochure.

If you’ve booked a special offer, the terms of the offer will apply.

Hendra Holiday Park is a trading name of Hendra Touring, Caravan and Camping Park Limited registered in England and Wales, no 1049976. Registered office Hendra Holiday Park, Lane, Newquay Cornwall TR8 4NY.

These terms and conditions apply to all booking contracts made with Hendra Touring, Caravan and Camping Park Limited either online, by phone or through a travel or booking agent. If you have booked via a Sun or Breakfree promotion, please note that the terms and conditions of these promotions also apply to your booking.

Changes to our terms and conditions

We may need to update our terms and conditions from time to time. You can find the latest version on our website www.hendra-holidays.com.

If we make a significant and material change to our terms after you’ve booked, we will, where possible honour our previous conditions or give you the option of cancelling. If you’re not happy with our terms or have any questions about them, please contact us (our contact details are below). Otherwise we will assume you have accepted these terms.


If you would like to discuss your booking with us, or have any questions regarding these terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team in the booking office who will be more than happy to help you.

Hendra Holiday Park
Tel: 01637-875778
E-mail: enquiries@hendra-holidays.com
Website: http://www.hendra-holidays.com

Calls will be charged at your standard network rate.

We have a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section on our website which you may also find useful.

— — —

Coronavirus Booking Promise

Updated 21st November 2020

We recognise the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the CV-19/Coronavirus situation and cannot predict what things will look like next year, however you can be sure to book with confidence through our ‘Coronavirus Bookings Promise’.

The below terms set out our policy, being our “Coronavirus Bookings Promise”, for all bookings for arrival in 2021 made direct with Hendra Holiday Park on or after 21st November 2020 and apply in addition to our standard booking terms and conditions.

Please note, bookings made via an agent or third party promotion, such as the Sun/Breakfree promotions, are not subject to these additional terms.  In such circumstances, bookings remain subject to the terms and conditions prevailing at the time the original booking was made, unless specifically agreed in writing or by email by both parties.

The revised Coronavirus Bookings Promise (21st November 2020) replaces the equivalent terms for any bookings made prior to 21st November 2020. Such affected bookings can alternatively cancel their booking for a full refund rather than accept the revised terms and will be contacted directly giving this option.

The Coronavirus Booking Promise does not apply to bookings for 2022, unless agreed in writing with ourselves.

In the event that your booking is impacted by CV-19/Coronavirus:

Where we cannot provide the service by the agreed time because of CV-19/Coronavirus or associated operational restrictions, such as park closure, occupancy restrictions or local travel restrictions,  we will give you as much notice as possible and you will be entitled, to a full refund and cancellation or we will try to rebook your stay in the future. Refunds will be actioned within 7 days after the intended arrival date.

In the event that you are unable to attend during all or part of your booking because of CV-19/Coronavirus or associated travel restrictions, including in the form of Government guidance, in circumstances where we are able to comply with our obligations, please contact us immediately. We will arrange a credit note for you to redeem at another time, or alternatively reschedule for a date in the future. Where you wish to cancel the booking our normal cancellation provisions will apply unless we agree an alternative with you.

In the event that you are unable to attend during all or part of your booking because of CV-19/Coronavirus illness or isolation to you or a booking party member (from the specific holiday home, pitch or pod), in circumstances where we are able to comply with our obligations, please contact us immediately. We will arrange a credit note for you to redeem at another time, or alternatively reschedule for a date in the future. Medical evidence may be required.

In the event that you are disinclined to travel, or opt not to attend for all or part of your booking, under circumstances where we are able to comply with our obligations, no right to a refund or credit will apply.

Please note, where a date change is opted for, extra charges may be applicable if the date moved to is more expensive than the date originally booked, if the date moved to is less expensive, the difference will be held as a booking credit.  If a booking credit is opted for, the credit will be equal to all monies paid minus booking fee and cancellation scheme fee and will be valid for holidays booked within the next 12 month period.  Our acknowledgement is evidence of our having received your notification

In each case, our obligations of service are limited to the accommodation of your booking party, but do not extend to the full provision of ancillary facilities on site, including but not limited to entertainment, bars, restaurants, shower blocks, swimming pools and other communal facilities.

Balance due dates – your balance will be due in full ten weeks prior to arrival. In the event we do not receive full payment by this time and we do not hear from you, we reserve the right to terminate our contract with you immediately and cancel the holiday booking without a refund. All bookings made within ten weeks of arrivals will need to be paid for in full at the time of booking.

Date change – Any date change must be taken within the 12 month period following the original arrival date of the booking.

Cancellation scheme – we offer two levels of cancellation scheme in addition to our Coronavirus Bookings Promise. These schemes are chargeable and when added, apply in addition to the terms of the bookings promise.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to the park where we believe one or more persons within the booking party may compromise the health, wellbeing or hygiene of our site, guests or staff, or where site hygiene and social distancing rules are not adhered to. In such circumstances, we reserve the right to request written medical evidence or apply our own test criteria, including but not limited to temperature checks. In all cases the Park Manager’s decision is final and there will be no right to a refund where no entry to, or eviction from the site results.

We strongly advise you take out appropriate third party travel or holiday insurance cover prior to confirm your holiday booking with us, including CV-19 non-delivery.

— — —

Standard Terms & Conditions

Updated 1st February 2021

Provisional bookings

It is possible to reserve a holiday for a maximum of 7 days. No payment is required at this stage. After the 7 days has expired the booking will be automatically cancelled without notification and there will be no charge. It is not possible to make a provisional booking within 7 days of arrival.

Paying for your holiday

You will be required to pay a deposit per week booked at the time of booking, to secure your holiday booking.

• Touring and pods deposit – £38.75 per week
• Holiday homes deposit – £73.75 per week

Your remaining balance will be due in full 10 weeks prior to arrival. You will need to call us in the booking office to make a payment using a credit or debit card or by cheque (see section ‘payments by cheque’).

If you have given us your e-mail address, we will send out a payment reminder e-mail a few days before your payment is due. We do not send reminder letters, but your payment due date is written on your confirmation for your reference. If there are any issues with your holiday payment, please notify us at the earliest opportunity so we can discuss this with you.

If your payment is late, we will notify you of non-payment. Non- payment will attract a non-negotiable late payment charge of £20.00 on all bookings. In the event we do not receive payment and we do not hear from you, we reserve the right to terminate our contract with you and cancel the holiday booking without a refund. All bookings made within 10 weeks of arrival must be paid in full at the time of booking.

Cancellation Scheme

Hendra offers two types of cancellation scheme cover, Standard and Enhanced.

Our Standard Cancellation Scheme premium is automatically included in your deposit unless you specifically choose otherwise. You can also choose to take the enhanced cover if required.  We strongly advise you to take one of our cancellation schemes as no refunds are given without it.

Standard Cancellation Scheme
On written confirmation of cancellation of the entire party at least 6 weeks prior to commencement of your holiday we will refund all monies paid minus booking fee and cancellation scheme fee.  Between 6 weeks prior to arrival and your arrival date Hendra will only refund if cancellation is due to any of the following – death, serious illness or redundancy of a member of the booked party. Please note that the claim must be in writing and supported by the relevant documents.  Our acknowledgement is evidence of our having received your notification. Under such circumstances, the refund will be for all monies paid minus booking fee and cancellation scheme fee.

Enhanced Cancellation Scheme
On written confirmation of cancellation of the entire party at least 4 weeks prior to commencement of your holiday we will refund all monies paid minus booking fee and cancellation scheme fee.  Between 4 weeks prior to arrival and your arrival date Hendra will only refund if cancellation is due to any of the following – death, serious illness or redundancy to a member of the booked party. Please note that the claim must be in writing and supported by the relevant documents. Under such circumstances, the refund will be for all monies paid minus booking fee and cancellation scheme fee.  Between 4 weeks and 2 weeks prior to your arrival date, on written confirmation of cancellation of the entire party for any reason, we will offer a booking credit or a date change so you can take your holiday at a later date, within the next 12 month period.  Please note, extra charges may be applicable if the date moved to is more expensive than the date originally booked, if the date moved to is less expensive, the difference will be held as a booking credit.  If a booking credit is opted for, the credit will be equal to all monies paid minus booking fee and cancellation scheme fee and will be valid for holidays booked within the next 12 month period.  Our acknowledgement is evidence of our having received your notification.

Should you decide that you don’t wish to be included in either of our cancellation schemes or would like to upgrade from the Standard Cancellation Scheme to the Enhanced Cancellation Scheme you have 14 days from the time of booking, or up to the balance due date, whichever is earlier, to notify us, in writing, that you wish to be excluded or upgraded.

Our cancellation scheme covers you until you arrive on site after which refunds cannot be given if for any reason you should leave early. We strongly recommend you take out your own holiday insurance to cover this.

Additional holiday costs

It is possible to choose a specific pitch or caravan number prior to arrival and subject to availability. We charge a fee of £10.95 off peak and £18.90 peak to choose a pitch number.  Please note, we may restrict specific pitch/caravan availability to Saturday to Saturday bookings only at certain times of the year.

If you need to make significant changes to your booking such as the holiday date there is a charge of £20 payable at the time of the change being made, by debit or credit card.

It is possible to add ‘With Friends’ to your booking if you would like to be with friends and family. There is a charge of £9.90 off peak and £14.70 peak per unit booked to secure this. Linen can be hired for an additional charge. King/Double linen sets – £7.60 (duvet cover, 2 pillow cases, sheet). Single linen sets £6.55 (duvet cover, 1 pillow case, sheet).

Key deposit

We charge a £50 returnable key deposit on all holiday home bookings.

We charge a £20 returnable key deposit on all pod bookings.

The key deposit is a damage waiver deposit to be retained in the instance of breakages, shortages, smoking in caravans/pods, damage, lost keys and additional cleaning required and any behaviour detrimental to the enjoyment of other guests and/or staff.

Where we require a higher value returnable deposit, such as for group bookings, we will charge a security deposit in addition to the key deposit, and will be treated as an extension to the key deposit terms.

We do not accept cash key deposits on arrival. The key deposit must be paid with your final balance and will be refunded within 10 days of departure by cheque to the lead party name.

The key and security deposits do not represent full liability and we reserve the right to charge for damage or additional cleaning etc.

Payments by cheque

It is possible to pay for your holiday by cheque provided the cheque is received by us and cleared in advance of your payment due date.

Cheques should be made payable to ‘Hendra Holiday Park’ and your holiday booking reference should be written on the back to identify the booking to which it relates.

If your cheque is returned to us by the bank as ‘unpaid’, we will charge a £10 fee to cover the actual costs incurred by us.

Casual & Last Minute bookings

All bookings must be paid for using a debit/credit card registered to the account holders address.

Bookings made on the day of arrival (casual/last minute) must be for a minimum of 2 nights and are to be paid for by credit/debit card only and must be accompanied with photo ID confirming the name and address given. ID must be in form of a full driving license or passport. A £50 cash security deposit may also be required.

No casual/last minute bookings will be taken over the phone via our booking office unless a customer account already exists for the lead booking party member.

We reserve the right to decline any bookings or enquiries for arrival on the same day.


All prices quoted include VAT at rates prevailing at the time and the price of your holiday will remain subject to the rate prevailing at the time of booking.

Clause updated on 9th July 2020 for new bookings made from the 9th July 2020.

Special offers/discounts

Only one discount or special offer can be applied per booking. Once booked any offers that may become available subsequently, such as last-minute offers, cannot be applied to an existing booking.

Discounted pool passes

It is possible to pre-book Oasis Pool passes. They must be added to your booking BEFORE your arrival to the park and must be paid for in advance of arrival.

Packs of pre-bookable pool passes come in sets of 4 or 8 passes (1 pass for 1 person for 1 swim) and can be collected from reception on arrival.

Swimming with a valid membership pass is ordinarily £3.00 per person per session. Pre-bookable passes will save you money.

Pool passes are valid for the year purchased ONLY; they are not transferable and are not refundable.

Your booking confirmation

We will send you a booking confirmation within 24 hours of you making the booking with us to the email address provided on your customer account when booking. Please advise us of any changes to your email address.

If you do not have an email address, please advise us so we can arrange to send by postal letter.

It is your responsibility to let us know if you have not received your booking confirmation.

You will need to check the details on your booking confirmation are correct and you must notify us immediately of any discrepancies. We cannot accept responsibility for any errors not corrected prior to arrival.

If you have any specific requirements you must contact us to check that we can comply with them before arrival.

Who’s coming?

Only the people named on the booking confirmation can use our holiday homes, facilities, and touring/camping pitches. Please check your booking confirmation as soon as you receive it and please advise us of any changes right away.

Bookings and accommodation are non-transferable; we will not permit access to site any persons who have obtained a booking that was not purchased directly from ourselves or one of our registered booking agents.

The lead party is the lead person named on the customer account under which the booking is made and accepts ultimate responsibility for the booking including behaviour of all party members and payments.  Accordingly, the lead party member but be present for the duration of the entire stay unless by prior arrangement with management.

You must let us know the total number of people coming with you (including children and babies) as you must not exceed the capacity of your holiday home, pitch or pod. We provide details of the maximum capacity on our website (which will be 2 to 8 people maximum depending on the unit type, and 6 persons maximum per pitch). Please contact us if you require any assistance in making your caravan size selection. Please check your confirmation carefully to check you have a caravan suitably sized for your party.

If you do exceed the maximum number of occupants, we will unfortunately have to turn any extra people away at check in.

We do not permit any accommodation to be sub-let under any circumstances.

By law we cannot permit guests to work from site.

Who we cater for

Hendra is a family park and caters for families and couples only and does not accept non-family orientated groups or singles unless by prior arrangement. Even numbered mixed parties will only be accepted at Hendra’s discretion, and a security deposit may be required. If you haven’t made a group booking and arrive in a group, we may ask you to leave the park without a refund. In certain circumstances Hendra will accept bookings from clubs, school groups or similar.   A single person supplement may be charged at the rate of one extra adult per day during peak periods.

Minimum ages

For touring, camping and pod bookings, the lead party member must be aged 18 years or over.

For holiday home bookings, the lead party member must be aged 21 years or over.

For all bookings there is a maximum allowance of four under 18s for each responsible adult named on the booking. This ratio applies per unit of accommodation or pitch also.

Late arrivals

If you are going to be late arriving for your holiday home or pitch, please notify us at the earliest opportunity. If you do not contact us, the unit you have booked will only be held until noon the day after the booked arrival date (provided full payment has been received) after which time we may re-let without notice and without a refund.

If you are going to arrive for a holiday home booking after reception has closed, the warden will have your key. You will need to visit reception in the morning to complete the check in procedure.

If you are arriving for a camping/touring booking, due to our noise policy, only arrivals before 10pm will be permitted to pitch up. We reserve the right not to permit pitching up after dark, you will be directed to a car parking area/holding field until reception opens the following day.

Park behaviour

We would like all our guests to enjoy their holiday with us here at Hendra. We therefore reserve the right to refuse some bookings, if we think a person will compromise the enjoyment of other guests or the wellbeing of staff.

If you are unruly or antisocial whilst staying on the park, you will be required to leave immediately without a refund. This type of behavior includes, but is not limited to, any discrimination against, or harassment of anyone in relation to their sex, race, colour, religion, religious or philosophical belief, nationality, age, ethnic origin, relationship status, disability, sexual orientation, or gender re-assignment.

The company reserves the right to terminate any booking at any time, without compensation or refund.

No noise policy

Whilst we appreciate everyone is on holiday and we would like you to have the best time here at Hendra, we ask that guests abide by the no noise policy to ensure the peaceful enjoyment of the park by all guests. Therefore, please note we have a zero-tolerance policy after 10pm. Security staff patrol the site after 10pm to ensure the no noise policy is followed. If you are affected by noise during your stay, please call security on 07967 852152.

What is included?

All accommodation is booked on a self-catering basis. We do not supply cleaning products, toiletries or condiments. We do provide duvets and pillows in our holiday homes but do not provide towels, duvet covers, sheets or pillow cases.

Our Whipsiderry Platinum and Porthminster have beds made up but DO NOT include towels.

Our Meadow Lodges DO include towels and beds made up.

Our Pods do not have beds made up nor do they have bedding or towels provided.

We do not supply any camping equipment.

Bed linen

Bed linen MUST be used in our holiday homes otherwise a £25 cleaning charge will be taken from your key deposit to launder the duvet & pillow protectors. Sets consisting of duvet cover, sheet and pillowcases can be hired from Reception if your accommodation does not have linen provided.

Holiday durations

Hendra caters for holidays and is a non-residential park; there is a maximum permitted holiday duration of 21 nights.

In our holiday homes we offer short breaks (Monday to Friday or Friday to Monday) or week holidays commencing Saturday, Monday or Friday. It is possible to book multiple breaks up to a maximum of 3 weeks.

During peak times, including all school and bank holidays, touring bookings should be made for a minimum of 3 nights for a non-electric pitch and a minimum of 7 nights for an electric pitch (including Grand Premium, Super, Gold Leaf or Silver Leaf pitches).

It is only possible to book a Specific Pitch from Saturday to Saturday during peak times.

Extra nights can be added subject to availability and full payment.

Check in and check out times

Check in is available from 8am to collect your membership and pool passes, you can then use the facilities on site.

If you are camping/touring or in a camping pod, you will gain access to your pitch from 12 noon, subject to availability and prevailing conditions.

Holiday homes are ready from 5pm, unless you have booked a Meadow Lodge, or added early check in. Check out is 10am on your day of departure, however you are welcome to use the facilities until 2pm. A charge may apply for late check outs.

Choosing your pitch

It is possible to choose your pitch/caravan plot subject to availability. Please see the ‘additional holiday costs’ section for prices. Please note pitch preference is also subject to provision of your unit dimensions as the unit must fit safely on the pitch (see ‘unit sizes’ section).

With friends

If you are holidaying with friends and family, we appreciate you may wish to be together. The cost of providing this service is detailed in the ‘additional holiday costs’ section.

If you require two or more pitches together, we strongly recommend this option. Without adding ‘With Friends’ we cannot guarantee that units will be together.

You will all need to book the same type of unit and request the ‘With Friends’ option when booking. Each party will need to add this to their booking and each party must provide the booking reference number of all parties they would like to be next to, so we can arrange this for you.

Please note we can only accept a maximum of 4 bookings as being ‘With Friends’ within any particular group.  Larger group enquires may on occasion be accepted and pitches allocated at the discretion of management. This restriction is to help protect the family environment and the enjoyment of other guests. Consequently the behaviour of linked ‘with friends’ bookings must be in keeping with the rest of the site.

Guests with special needs

If you have special needs or are travelling with someone who does, please call our friendly booking team on 01637 875778. They can give you advice and information about our parks facilities. We also have a Disability Access Statement that we can email or post to you.

Holidays with a baby

Please note that most of our holiday homes will not be able to fit a travel cot in the master bedroom.

To accommodate a travel cot, it is possible to fold up one or both beds in a twin bedroom or alternatively use the pull-out conversion bed with a travel cot alongside in the living space.

If you need to hire a high chair or travel cot, please let us know at the time of your booking so we can reserve one for you. Information on hire charges are shown on our website. Please note high chairs and travel cots are subject to availability.

Holidays with pets

We accommodate well behaved dogs in some of our Mawgan caravans, Whipsiderry caravans and Porthminster caravans. Only certain caravans in these ranges are dog friendly and these are indicated on the park map. Our bookings team can provide further advice as required.

We also have some touring fields for pets; Pine, Tamarisk, Fairway, Acorn and Chestnut field. However, subject to requirement please note we do reserve the right to allow dogs in any field if circumstances permit. If there is a reason you cannot be located near dogs, please let us know so that we can make a note on your booking to this effect.

Dogs must be pre-booked, and a charge applies (see the current tariff for charges). Please also confirm the breed of dog you would like to bring with you at the time of booking. We will consider all breeds but Hendra reserve the right to refuse certain breeds of dog that it deems inappropriate on a family site. We do not accept: Rottweilers, Dobermans, American Bulldogs, Pit Bull Terriers, English Bull Terriers, American Bullys, Dogue de Bordeaux, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Akitas (American or Japanese), Dogo Argentino, Preso Canarios, Fila Brasileiros, Japanese Tosas, any Mastiff breed (excluding pugs) or any Wolf Hybrid (with the exception of Huskies).  Please note, cross breeds with any of these breeds in them are also not accepted.

Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times whilst on site. If dogs are not as described at the point of booking, display unsocial behaviour or cause disruption to other guests we reserve the right to terminate the booking forthwith without compensation.

Please note that you won’t be able to take your pet into our entertainment venues, restaurants or public areas, including the Oasis Fun Pool and outdoor pool. however, they are permitted outside the Terrace Restaurant

We provide a dog walking area on site which is located adjacent to Laurel and Gannel View (please see park map).


If you are bringing a vehicle with you, please advise us when booking your holiday. For touring reservations, we charge per vehicle on site, which includes motorhomes and caravans.

Cars towing a touring caravan are charged as one vehicle.

The maximum speed limit across the site is 5mph for all vehicles and must be adhered to at all times and all park roads and areas are subject to Road Traffic Law.

No driving is permitted generally around the site between midnight and 7am (unless unavoidable) to ensure minimum noise disturbances to other guests. Please respect the peaceful enjoyment of other guests.

Commercial vehicles

By law we cannot permit guests to work from site. Our license extends to short term holiday accommodation only. Where there is a genuine holiday booking and a guest has no option but to use their own commercial vehicle we can make an exception so long as:

• The guests do not work from site
• Are not here for their own business means
• The commercial vehicle is in a good state of repair and is no larger than a standard panel van (e.g. Transit)
• Is parked in one of the site car parks rather than on a pitch if requested by Hendra staff.
• The guest allows us to make the necessary checks to confirm the above e.g. Allow us to confirm the van is clear of tools etc

Hendra reserve the right to refuse entry to any person or vehicle under the managements discretion.

Towing vehicles

There are times when, due to the nature of the grass environment, vehicles may get stuck in the mud. We can assist with the towing of vehicles from pitches during normal office hours. If assistance is required, you will be asked to sign a disclaimer as we are unable to accept responsibility for any damage caused when giving assistance. Charges may apply.


We do provide parking on site for vehicles.

In most cases one vehicle can be parked next to the holiday home or on your pitch, but there are some areas where this is not possible. If you require adjacent parking, you must tell us in advance of your holiday, so we can ensure your requirements can be met if possible.

If your unit does not have adjacent parking, or for additional cars, there are car parks around the site for you to use. The car parks can be identified on the park map.

Your touring pitch

Due to fire regulations the size of your unit (caravan, motorhome, tent) must be given at the time of booking to ensure the pitch is large enough. If on arrival your unit exceeds the dimensions given at the time of booking, then we reserve the right to relocate you to another pitch. Should there be no availability elsewhere, then we even reserve the right to refuse you a pitch. No refund would be offered.

Gazebos, may not be permitted on the pitch if its size reduces the clear space required by fire regulations. Please check this when booking your pitch. We do not permit washing lines on any pitch.

We do not permit the use of chemical toilet sanitising products containing formaldehyde.

Full pitching up instructions can be found here.

Leaving early

It is not possible to offer part refunds if you decide to leave early. Once you advise reception that you have vacated your pitch / accommodation we reserve the right to re-let the pitch/accommodation.

Changing your holiday

If you need to make any changes to your booking, please call us as soon as possible on 01637 875778, we will try our best to help. Be aware that what you change may cost more or not be available. There is also a £20 admin fee for any changes to your booking. Any changes made within 56 days of your holiday start date may count as a cancellation. We will always try to accommodate changes, including date changes, but if this isn’t possible and you don’t keep to your original booking, this will count as a cancellation.

Cancelling your holiday

We hope that you won’t need to cancel your stay, but if you do, this needs to be put in writing via email or letter. If you have any questions please call 01637 875778.

Please be aware that if you did not take out our Holiday Protection Cancellation Plan or cover of your own, a cancellation will result in a loss of all monies paid.

Membership passes

Membership passes are included in all direct and agent bookings. They give you access to facilities on site including ‘the Venue’, discounted access to the Oasis Fun Pools and free access to Henry’s Playloft.

You will be asked to present your passes on entry. During busy periods, access to certain facilities may be limited as The Venue, Oasis and the Playloft have a maximum capacity. Membership passes do not guarantee entry. If you have booked via a Sun or Breakfree promotion membership passes are chargeable and will only be issued if paid for.


Whilst our intention is to provide entertainment that matches the programme advertised, there may be times when unforeseen circumstances require changes or alterations. We aim to advise guests as early as we can but this may not always be possible. We provide the most up to date entertainment programme daily on the Entertainment noticeboards located adjacent to the Admin building and outside The Venue.

Day Passes

During off-peak times it is sometimes possible for non-residents to purchase day passes at reception for a charge of £4.50 per adult per day and £2.50 per child per day (3 and over). Due to the limited capacity of The Venue, it is not possible to purchase day passes at busy times. Please call us on 01637 875778 before travelling to find out if day passes are available.


We only sell alcohol to persons 18 years or over. Membership passes do not qualify as proof of age; we reserve the right to request to see an approved form of identification – passport, photo driving license or valid identification card when purchasing alcohol on site. We reserve the right to refuse to serve alcohol to anyone, regardless of age, at the management’s discretion.

We also reserve the right to refuse entry into any facility, or the provision of any service or accommodation to any person if they appear to be physically or mentally impaired by the consumption of alcohol or use of recreational drugs, (including appearing hung-over or smelling of drugs or alcohol), and are considered a risk to, or have a potential detrimental impact on, themselves, visitors, guests, staff, or property.


All our facilities and accommodation are strictly non-smoking. A smoking area is provided opposite the main arcade. E-cigarettes are also not permitted in any of our facilities.

Food allergies

If you have a food allergy or special dietary requirement, please talk to a team member before ordering food. All our food is handled and prepared very carefully, and we will give you as much information as we can about the ingredients and how the food is prepared. We hope we can assist you in making the right choice on where and what to eat throughout your stay at Hendra.

Personal property

Hendra accept no responsibility for personal property left on site. If items are left behind, we can arrange for them to be returned subject to payment of postage cost which will be confirmed before the item is posted. We can retain the cost from the returnable key deposit (see ‘key deposit’ section) on your instructions or we can take a card payment over the phone.

Electricity supply

The electricity supply to our electric pitches, Grand Premium pitches, Super pitches, Silver Leaf and Gold leaf pitches is nominally 16 amps / 240 v, however we reserve the right to reduce this capacity without warning and cannot guarantee a full supply during periods of high demand or under conditions out of our control.

Our legal responsibilities

Whilst we want all guests using Hendra to have great holiday we would like to remind you using our amenities and facilities is at your own risk. Hendra will not accept liability for the loss or damage to persons and /or property, or accommodation, or for any amenities becoming unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control.

Health and Safety

Our rules are designed to keep you safe and we require all guests to observe these rules and all safety signage and directions. If you need to see our Health & Safety Policy, it is available for inspection by request in the Administration office.

In accordance with health and safety advice and for the safety of all persons on the park we do not permit guests to fly drones and we only permit the use of Segways if they are part of an organised on-park activity.

Motorised scooters and hoverboards are permitted in certain areas of the park when supervised by a responsible adult and they not cause a hazard or nuisance to other guests or staff. Hendra reserves the right to withdraw this permission at Management’s discretion.

Feeling unwell

If you are ever feeling unwell whilst holidaying with us then please let us know. We want to protect our staff and guests, so if we become aware or have reason to believe that you may be unwell with a contagious disease or illness, then yourself and your party may be asked to go home. If it is not possible for you to go home, then you and your party may be required to isolate to prevent the disease or illness being transmitted to any guests or staff. This may incur additional charges if your stay has to be extended.

Child supervision

We want the whole family to enjoy their holiday so please make sure you know where your children are at all times.

We do not offer childcare services, children remain the responsibility of their parents or guardians whilst at Hendra.

Children must be supervised by parents or guardians during children’s activities and events and when using the facilities.

Unaccompanied children will be refused entry to the Oasis pool and the Playloft. They may also be refused entry to other facilities, activities or events at the discretion of staff.

Please aware that the skatepark and play parks are not staffed.

Oasis Fun Pool Safety information

For safety reasons use of the flumes is restricted to competent swimmers and those over 1 metre in height. Use of the River Rapid Ride is restricted to competent swimmers and those over 1.2 metres in height. Non-swimmers must be accompanied in the water at a ratio of 1 adult swimmer to 2 non-swimmers. All children under 4 must be supervised by a dedicated responsible adult in the water at a ratio of 1 adult to 1 child. All children between 4 – 8 years, regardless of swimming ability, must be supervised by a responsible adult in the water at a ratio of 1 adult to 2 children. We reserve the right to ask children to do a swim test if unaccompanied by an adult and to impose supervising arrangements for any bathers at the Manager’s discretion.

The pools have a capacity limit for the health and safety of pool users and during peak season and busy times we may operate swimming sessions of 1 hour 30 minutes.

Loyalty Card membership levels

We offer a tiered level loyalty card system to customers who book directly with Hendra which entitles the account holder to different loyalty offers depending on the type of loyalty card level they hold.

STANDARD – Stayed at Hendra on separate holidays in 1 or 2 years previously in the last 3 year period.

BLUE – Stayed at Hendra on separate holidays in 3 or 4 years previously in the last 5 year period.

GREEN – Stayed at Hendra on separate holidays in 5 to 9 years previously in the last 10 year period.

GOLD – Stayed at Hendra on separate holidays every year in the last 10 year period.

Please note, these loyalty cards and the level they pertain to apply solely to the booking account holder (lead party member) according to our booking system records.  Multiple bookings under one account do not entitle other party members to a loyalty card.  Each qualifying stay must have been a minimum of a paid for short break (3nights), booked and paid for by named booking account holder.  A valid membership card must be shown in conjunction with a matching and valid loyalty card to redeem offers.

We reserve the right to vary or retract any and all loyalty based offers at any time and without notice.

What we do with your information

Please see our Privacy Policy.

Other things we would like you to know…

The company reserves the right to enter caravans and pods under special circumstances or emergencies, at any time.

We do not permit gazebos, tents, washing lines or similar items on the grass area by your holiday home.

Please ensure BBQ’s are positioned so they do not burn the grass or become a fire hazard; they should be kept off the ground and in a well-ventilated area. BBQs should not be used or stored within any type of accommodation as this can cause deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. Disposable BBQs should be disposed of only when completely cold.

We do not knowingly allow anyone to stay who has a record of any order indicating antisocial behaviour, violence, abuse, public disorder, or criminal damage or any other form of antisocial behaviour; or is a convicted sex offender, subject to the notification requirements of the Sexual Offences Act 2003; or subject to a Risk of Sexual Harm Order or Child Abduction Notice. By making a booking, you are confirming that the above does not apply to anyone in your party. If it later becomes known to us that this is not the case, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and require you, and all members of your party, to leave the park, without refund.

We are not responsible nor issue refunds for events beyond our control including but not restricted to extreme events such as war and acts of terrorism (and threat of these), civil war, significant risks to human health such as the outbreak of serious disease or natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes or extreme weather conditions, the act of any government or other national or local authority and all similar events outside our or our supplier’s control.

Making a complaint

All the team here hope that you have a wonderful holiday, but should you have cause to complain then here is what you will need to do.

Pop in to see the Reception team at the park so we can try to put things right, or you can call our Customer Service Hotline on 07967 852152. Please inform us of any problems during your stay so that we can log your complaint, as we cannot rectify or compensate complaints once you have left the park.

If your holiday is over and you’re still unhappy, please email your complaint to enquiries@hendra-holidays.com , or write to us, Hendra Holiday Park, Lane, Newquay, Cornwall TR8 4NY within seven days of the end of your holiday.

The letter or email must be from you (the lead booker) as you’re the person we made this agreement with. Please include a contact number so that we can contact you if further information is required. We aim to answer all emails and letters within 14 days of receipt.