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Hendra Visits…Hell’s Circus at the Paulo’s Circus

Hell's Circus near Hendra We went to see the Making Memories tour, at Paulo’s Circus, a fantastic show for all of the family, just down the road from Hendra until the 8th of September. Then we went to see Hell’s Circus, which was a completely different experience all together! This over 18s show has been on twice already and you can catch the final performance this Sunday (26th of August), again just down the road from Hendra. Halloween has come early – welcome to the Hell’s Circus!

Expect scares and thrills galore during this unique performance. We can’t give away too many details, as we don’t want to ruin the fun, but there were a few moments when we were genuinely quite scared at the beginning of the show, with a few, let’s just say, freaky characters walking around! We almost dropped our popcorn! But don’t run out of the door just yet –  once the show starts you can relax as you see a range of brilliant acts. First up there was knife and axe throwing, a fantastic performance, complete with horror costumes. There were genuine gasps throughout the show. There was comedy all the way through and a fair bit of audience participation! Along with some ‘cheeky’ surprises!

There was the double spinning wheel in which the preformers darted around and climbed in and outside the wheels, while it was spinning at high speed. There was a brilliant performance in which a man preforms several ‘strongest man’ stunts, which made us grimace a bit. The pole dancing was spectacular, as she climbed effortlessly up the pole, doing a range of spins combining an amazing range of suppleness and strength.

We loved every minute of the show, with opportunities to take photos with all of the cast at the end this will certainly be a night to remember. The show is about one hour long, without an interval, with popcorn and drinks on sale. Then back to Hendra for the rest of the evening!

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