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Cornwall glamping and its rise in popularity

The glamping industry has grown massively in recent years and there are dozens of cornwall glamping sites across the county where you can enjoy this still relatively new type of accommodation. But just why is it so popular?

Well, if you’re new to the whole glamping scene then let’s start with a brief recap. I mean, what exactly is glamping? It stems from the combination of the words ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’ and millions of people have been drawn to the prospect of trying this craze since it launched a good few years ago.

What could be better? Glamping combines all the benefits of camping – that amazing outdoor experience – with some of those added creature comforts that are so often missed. Some Cornwall glamping sites also have a range of pods that come with all manner of added extras from TVs and fridges to central heating and plenty of electricity points so you can stay connected. This is a particular advantage if you’re bringing your kids with you; charging points = places to plug in games and phones so there’s an easy way to keep them entertained…

‘More popular than ever’

Indeed, a report on International Glamping Business claimed that more that glamping and camping (combined) is now more popular then ever, with over 17 million people in the choosing this is a holiday type in 2016.
They said: “Cheaper petrol prices and a move towards staycation holidays have also boosted the popularity of camping, caravanning and motorhome trips.”

Another reason for the rise in glamping has been the Brexit effect. A fall in the value of the pound has influenced the rise in the number of camping trips, with people instead choosing the Staycation option.
Dan Yates, founder of online campsite and holiday parking website Pitchup told the Guardian: “Brexit has boosted the staycation, with booking growth for domestic holidays rising from 34% to 46%.

“Our sector is certainly benefiting from Brexit – more than other sectors of the tourism industry – as we appeal to savvy, budget-conscious travellers who are always looking for ways to make their holiday spend go further.”

cornwall glamping at HendraCornwall glamping sites: which one to choose?

So, we know what glamping is and why it’s become so popular of late. And, you’ve decided that it’s definitely for you. But the burning question is where to go glamping in Cornwall? It has to be Hendra, of course! We’ve got a range of great-value glamping pods at our Cornwall holiday park that are located in a secluded tree-lined area of our park called Trevilley.

We have three different kind of glamping pods available for you stay; our unfurnished Family Camping Pod (which is great for up to two adults and two children), our unfurnished Couples’ Camping Pod (perfect for two adults) and our fully furnished Premium Pods!

Our premium pods give an added slice of luxury to your Cornwall glamping holiday, with a double bed that converts into a dining table plus a single bed that rolls out underneath! They also have a host of extras including fridge, kettle, cutlery, crockery and electric heating – all you need to bring is your bedding. Outside there’s an awning over a decking area so you can make the most of those warm summer’s evenings. Enjoy a BBQ or a drink outside and unwind after a tough day exploring Cornwall’s stunning beaches.

family holidays in cornwallCornwall glamping in the perfect location!

As Kirsty and Phil always say it’s about location, location, location! And they’re not wrong! Whatever type of Cornwall glamping holiday you’re planning it pays to make sure you’re in the right location. Choose a park that has plenty of facilities on site, so you don’t have to travel far to enjoy a bite to eat or grab a loaf of bread.

If you’re bringing the family it also pays to choose a location with plenty of facilities. At Hendra you’re spoilt for choice! Our facilities include

  • Indoor swimming pool
  • On-site cafe, pizzeria, and take-away
  • Shop and launderette

We’re also handily located just a stone’s throw from the vibrant resort of Newquay, with its beautiful beaches, shops, attractions and cinema. We may not be able to guarantee the weather during your stay but we can say with some degree of certainty that you definitely won’t get bored!

What should you bring with you?

It’s sometimes hard to know what you should pack as glamping sites differ greatly depending on where you plan to stay. Make sure you check what’s included in your stay before you book as you don’t want to be disappointed on arrival!

One thing’s for sure, you won’t need to worry about the hassle of unpacking and pitching a tent! Leave those bent tent pegs and mallet at home! Generally, you need pack the following:

  • Bedding: Most glamping sites don’t provide bedding, so be sure to pack duvets, pillows and sheets for you stay.
  • Beds: Sleeping arrangement vary depending on the type of unit you’re staying in. Be sure to check whether or not you have a fixed sleeping area or whether you need to bring a camp-bed or fold away bed with you.
  • Correct clothing: It sounds strange but you’ll be surprised just how many people forget to bring the essentials. If you’re staying out of season and plan to do lots of walking/cycling/surfing then make sure you bring plenty of clothes as the weather can quickly turn!
  • Food & drink: Glamping pods, even the small ones, do have space to store food and drink, so you won’t have to keep it in your car. Even if you plan to eat out every day, it’s always handy to have something with you if needed.

If you want to know more about our Cornwall glamping site take a look at our page and discover why glamping in Cornwall is so popular.