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Three reasons to be happy this January

Newquay Harbour - reasons to be happy this January January isn’t the most exciting month, for obvious reasons – Christmas is over, the weather isn’t festively cold, just cold, and often wet, and we are all in the Monday of the year, and even when it is over then there’s February, which isn’t much better… Where were we? Oh yes why you should be happy this January, not sad! Cheer up and read on…

A fresh year, means fresh plans, which means it is time to think about your holiday for 2018

What could be better than a holiday in Cornwall? Summer in Cornwall is something special, with so much to do in our outdoor playground, with beaches galore, blooming beautiful gardens, and amazing weather (maybe) along with a lively atmosphere and plenty on throughout Cornwall to suit the whole family. Cornwall is becoming a haven for festival goers with the big festivals like Boardmasters and Port Eliot on, along with a bunch of other smaller festivals too, which are suitable for families. Keep checking our blog for all the latest things to do in Cornwall.

It is the perfect time to book, with lots of offers available

All holiday companies know that January makes most people feel deflated, so it is the perfect time to put offers on, as everyone needs a pick-me-up. You can get an excellent bargain in the new year, if you stayed in 2017 or 2016, and for a low deposit which means that you get that buzzed up feeling of booking a holiday without the anxiety of spending too much money after Christmas. Here at Hendra we have a low deposit and the opportunity to pay in instalments, until 40 days prior to arrival. Booking early means that you can spread out the cost, so you won’t get stressed.

We are a step closer to springGlendurgan Garden, Cornwall, reasons to be happy this January

Who doesn’t like spring? It all seems to happen quite suddenly, one minute you are in the winter with the short days and all of a sudden, the glorious long days return, and the sun comes out! Cornwall starts blooming, which makes it a perfect time to visit Cornwall for those of you who like things a bit quieter, with less crowds than the summer holidays. Easter time also comes around, and who doesn’t love chocolate eggs, after giving up on that January diet?

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All of your party over the age of 55 years? Get 15% OFF the hire charge of a holiday home in April, May, June, September and October 2019. (excluding Spring Bank Holiday and October Half Term).

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All of your party over the age of 55 years? Get 15% OFF touring in April, May, June, September and October 2019, (excluding Spring Bank Holiday).

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