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The end of season at Hendra, 2018

We have had another amazing season at Hendra. The end of season is here, and we closed on the 5th of November. A perfect day to close – fireworks night!  We are looking forward to start preparing the Park for new caravans and getting ready for our 47th season.

We had a hot summer this year Hottest Summer

This year we have had one of the hottest summers. The Met Office declared 2018 as one of the hottest on record along with the summers of 2006, 2003 and 1976. It has been nice to have the sunshine. The season got off to a slightly chilly start, when we opened on the 23rd of March. The Beast from the East came at the beginning of March and it snowed it Cornwall, properly, for the first time in a few years. We still had an egg-cellent Easter, with fantastic Easter activities and egg hunts.

It started to get hot at the end of May, in time for the May half-term and our first family campout.
We still miss the summer, with those long days, our pool-side Oasis Sessions with the pool-side bar and Rattler Bar too – summer nights were perfect. We had some top entertainment, including the very popular Titan the Robot. At the end of August, we had our second family campout.

Awesome Autumn We had a great Halloween at Hendra

Autumn has brought lots of fun too, with some sunny weather without the crowds. As well as the annual Cornish Bluegrass Festival, Newquay Beer Festival and most recently Halloween! We loved the Hendra House of Horrors, full of scares, tricks and treats, along with the Hendra Halloween parties and not forgetting the ghost train. Lots of Halloween celebrations ensured the end of season went out on a high! We also found out that we won the two South West in Bloom awards. 

Hendra in 2019

All the staff have worked really hard this season, and it is time for a well-deserved rest. But for some of us that are left on Park the hard word doesn’t stop, as we have to get the Park ready for 2019! There will be some new caravans, along with other changes. These will be announced on our blog and social media pages, so make sure you check our pages over the winter.

Cheers to another end of season! Thank you to our guests

We are thankful to our guests for choosing Hendra for their holiday. Many of you keep coming back year after year, and for you we are truly thankful. Guests often share their wonderful memories of Hendra, some stretching back to the 1970s! Many of you tell us how you holidayed with us as children and now bring your own children here. We love these stories. Family is always a focus here and we want to make sure that our guests make fantastic memories on their family holiday. Please keep sharing your memories, across social media and in our guestbook.

You provide us with great feedback, and even when it is not so good, we try to be constructive and it helps to make Hendra better each year!

So, let’s raise a glass and toast the end of season, and we hope to see you in 2019 – our 47th year. It certainly has been a season to remember!


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