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Sustainable Holidays

Sustainable Holidays

At Hendra we care about the impact our park has on the environment, so offering sustainable caravan holidays is something which is very important to us. We know that it is important to look after Hendra today so we can keep offering holidays in the future.

Hendra is a family owned park, and in 2022, we celebrated 50 years of family holidays. Hendra has been owned by the same families throughout this time and has been enjoyed by multiple generations of guests too.


Sustainable Caravan Holidays in Cornwall

We want families to continue to make memories here at Hendra and in Cornwall. Cornwall is beautiful, and if we want to enjoy it we know we have to look after the place we call home and the place you call home for your holiday. Hendra is the Cornish name for ‘home farm’, and we all want to work together to keep the park a place that you want to keep coming back to, so making sure we operate in a sustainable way is essential.

Both our new Meadow Lodges and Watergate homes are fitted to the new GreEN standard – making them more energy efficient, warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer.

Luxury Lodges with eco-friendly features 

Our luxury, new for 2024, Meadow Lodges, are not only spacious, elegantly decorated and the very best accommodation on offer, but they also have several eco-friendly features. The new for 2024, luxury Watergate home also has these features.

There is LOW-E Argon on the windows and exterior doors, a coating that  provides excellent insulation properties. The Lodges have thicker walls and more effective insulation material used in the walls, roof and floors, which makes them more insulated in the winter and cooler in the summer.

The Meadow Lodges have food waste bins in the kitchen areas.

Eco-Friendly Features on our luxury park

Sustainable and renewable energy

We have made various switches to renewable or sustainable energy.

  • Hendra has switched from diesel vehicles to electric vehicles recently adding another three electric park service vehicles to our fleet, now making eight electric vehicles in total. This makes almost 50% of Hendra’s vehicles electric.
  • We have switched lots of park equipment to electric (e.g. grass strimmers. golf buggies leaf blowers)
  • Electric Vehicle Charging on site. Purchase a charging pass to charge your vehicle.
  • Hendra is powered by our very own 10-acre solar farm situated adjacent to the park. The solar farm generates 92% of the parks electricity demand saving 1300T of CO2 each year!
  • We have our biomass boilers to heat the Oasis Fun Pools and some of our shower facilities too. We use locally sourced wood chip to power the boilers.
  • We also have our own bore hole supply, with another being put in soon, to provide water for the park, taking pressure off South West Water.

Reducing holiday item waste

Reusing and reducing

  • We have a guest freecycle to leave unwanted items, such as camping and beach items for the next guests to enjoy.
  • We have our wooden belly boards to hire, which are available to hire for the day, reducing body board waste.
  • We have a box in Reception for donating unwanted and non-perishable food items to Newquay Food Bank.

Reducing one use plastics

Minimising plastics on site

  • We’ve made a conscious effort to reduce single use plastics, including carrier bags and straws.
  • We have compostable cups in the Terrace Bar and Restaurant.
  • We sell reusable cups in the Terrace Bar and Restaurant.
  • In the Deck Bar we offer a reusable Hendra cup for the all drinks, which you purchase and refill.

Using public transport

Public Transport Access at Hendra is easy!

At Hendra we have easy access to public transport.

  • The Newquay Land Train drops guests to the town in the morning and back late afternoon, each day.
  • Hendra is on the bus route too, with a bus stop outside of the park.
  • You can use one of the Beryl bikes from the Beryl bike stop at Hendra.
  • There’s a Park and Ride into Newquay operated by Go Cornwall Bus (seasonal operation).

Feeding our Soil Efficiently

Growing our plants

  • You might notice the grounds team busily clearing and collecting up leaves that have blown around the park – this is because we use them to as compost to help grow our lovely plants.
  • We reuse coffee granules from the the Terrace Bar and Restaurant to fertilise our soil.
  • General waste gets recycled into renewed energy

Getting staff involved

Working together towards Hendra’s future

  • We have a dedicated ‘Green Team’ where employees from each department put their green ideas into practice to make Hendra as sustainable as possible.
  • We hire locally.
  • We use local businesses and suppliers, from printing to food and drink.

Wildlife conservation

It isn’t just our home…

  • We’ve transformed Blackberry field into a wildlife area, which has allowed us to launch a wildflower planting scheme across the park for wild pollinators.
  • We have two bug hotels, one near Oak shower and toilet block, and another in Blackberry Field.
  • We’ve added 200 trees to the park.
  • We grow all our own plants here at Hendra, including our own pumpkins for our pumpkin patch during October half-term!
  • We’ve introduced 4 beehives, which can be seen (from a afar!) in Blackberry field and added two bee hives to local farms to help with cross pollination.
  • Families can collect a self-guided walking nature trail leaflet from reception. It helps to educate families on nature and the environment. There is also the Nature Rangers (small fee) which is guided by our very own Ranger, AJ.
  •  We’ve added 50 bird boxes around the park to create little homes for our flying guests!
  • We’ve installed boxes for bats so they have somewhere to roost, located on the gable end of the Playloft.

How you can get involved

We need your help too!

  • Turn off the lights and appliances while not in use.
  • Don’t leave the tap running.
  • Re-use carrier bags.
  • Donate any unwanted, unopened, and non-perishable, food and toiletries to our Newquay Foodbank box in Reception.
  • Use our recycle and freecycle facilities.
  • Reduce car use, by using the park and ride which is opposite Hendra in the 6 week holidays. The Newquay Land Train also drops guests to the town in the morning and back late afternoon, each day. Hendra is on the bus route too, with a bus stop outside of the park.
  • You can use one of the Beryl bikes from the Beryl bike stop at Hendra.

Looking to the future

We are always looking at ways to be more sustainable.

Here are some of our aims for the future.

  • To promote environmental awareness to guests without compromising the enjoyment on their holiday.
  • To help children to actively enjoy learning and participating in conservation through activities such as the Nature tour and Nature Rangers.
  • To make more vehicles electric.
  • To source as much local produce as possible.
  • To use more environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • To hold regular meetings to discuss how to make each department practice more sustainably.