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On site etiquette

Our top tips

1.Explore Hendra

We really hope you enjoy your stay in your accommodation, and make the most of the park. Hendra is full of luscious fields for you to enjoy. So, do explore the park, enjoy the space and spend time enjoying our new recreational spaces – which we have created to help guests have fun on the park, whilst keeping a safe distance.

Enjoy the area of your own pitch and make use of the public spaces, footpaths and roads, but please keep your distance from other pitches and accommodation, and always observe social distancing with our staff and other guests.

2. Our facilities

Utilise the facilities that we have available on site, but please make sure you stick to the social distancing measures that we have in place. You will be required to queue at all of our facilities, and follow a one way in and out route to ensure everyone remains at a safe distance. Please use the safe distance signs on the floor when queuing and adhere to our occupancy restrictions – this may mean only one member of your party can enter a particular facility at a time.

3. Recreational fields

We have allocated some of our fields for recreational use where you can sit and have a picnic, eat your takeaway meals or just soak up some sun. Please respect other users and leave space for others.

4. Respect for all guests and staff

Please only gather with your party and do not meet in a group with friends. Please make sure your children stay with you at all times, and are not left to roam the park. The government restrictions still apply, and you will still be required to maintain a safe distance. Do not invite visitors to Hendra, or entertain others in your accommodation. Smoking or vaping is only permitted within the designated smoking area or on your pitch. If you do not stick to these restrictions then you may be asked to leave the park.

5. Your safety

Although we have lots of safety measures in place throughout the park, including hand sanitising stations at all entrances you may wish to carry with you your own precautions, such as soap, hand gel, toilet roll, disinfectant and hand sanitiser. Please do you part and help us to keep safe and stick to a safe distance.

6.The local area

Keeping Cornwall safe is hugely important to us. We are only a small community with one hospital. Please respect the local area by staying safe whilst you are out exploring. Cornwall is full of beautiful places to enjoy but please keep a safe social distance from others and avoid crowded areas where possible. Do enjoy the local beaches, they are great places to sit and enjoy a picnic but please make sure you take any rubbish with you and do not leave it there.

Please respect these measure – anyone not complying will be asked to leave the park.