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Its a holiday in Cornwall

A Holiday in Cornwall for one and all…  

by Jodie Hyatt

A holiday in Cornwall means fun for all the family, whatever the time of year, whatever the weather. From teeny-tots to troublesome teens, kids who want to be grown up and grown-ups who just want to be kids – everyone can take home lasting memories.

Cornwall is blessed with beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and captivating countryside but is now also complemented with award-winning attractions, days-out and fantastic facilities. Sunbathe or surf in the morning, then ride rollercoasters over lunch and feed penguins in the afternoon, it’s all waiting for you – you’ll never have a dull moment and neither will the kids.

Unique to Cornwall is the main attraction – miles and miles of glorious, sandy beaches. The ultimate in free entertainment. You’ve got wild, rugged ones; bustling, family-friendly ones, the surf ones, ones with rock pools for endless marine research, ones with caves for exploring plus cafes on the beach, water sports on the beach and sunset bars on the beach as well. Great for hot, sunny days as well as wrapping up for autumnal fun, the coast is at the heart of every holiday in Cornwall.

Nature is never far away either from the wild seals, dolphins and basking sharks who live in our waters to the abundant birdlife in our skies plus our beautiful, dark night skies offering breath-taking star-gazing. You’ll feel a world away from the stresses and strains of home and the kids will never be bored. There’s so much to do, you’ll have to keep coming back to fit it all in.

Food, Full of Flavour

No holiday in Cornwall is complete without sampling a staple list of local must-feast foods: The Cornish Pasty (crimped to perfection), a Cornish Cream Tea (with EU-protected Cornish Clotted Cream), fish and chips (by the sea with seagulls looking enviously on), a locally-made ice cream (flavours endless and ever-changing) and a pint of local ale (whilst chatting to friendly locals)

Food and drink in Cornwall is so important to locals and visitors alike, the industry has a turnover of more than £1billion with the biggest dairy sector in the UK. But that’s not just down to pasties, pints and indulgent treats, it’s because the world is now recognising Cornwall as a gastronomical hot-spot full of renowned and talented chefs, seriously special restaurants and first-class produce.

A visit to a local farmers’ market or food fair (There’s one almost every weekend of the year) will offer a spectacular array of goodies from award-winning cheeses and wines, locally cured meats, freshly-baked breads, quirky cupcakes and fresh seafood to homemade sausages and pies, delicious chocolate, chutneys, jams and pickles as well as foraged-flavoured frozen yoghurt and spirits. Literally anything your stomach might desire.

Cornwall’s restaurant-scene is exceptional with celebrities and Michelin-stars around every corner. Jamie Oliver, Rick Stein, Nathan Outlaw, Paul Ainsworth, Chris Eden, Ben Tunnicliffe to name a few of our culinary superstars. Just as special though are the family-run cafes, beach-side diners, kitschy tea-rooms and gastro-pubs. More recently a “Choose Cornish” Cafe Trail has popped up allowing visitors to find spots to eat wherever they are, safe in the delicious knowledge the fare won’t have travelled far. So as far as your taste buds go, your next holiday to Cornwall is bound to be truly tasty.

Shopping, Bags of choice

Shopping in Cornwall offers you the chance to be adventurous, unique, stylish and exceptional. It’s a shopping trip you can’t make anywhere else.

High Street Favourites continue to flock to the cultural hubs of Truro, Falmouth and St Ives. Truro is the retail capital with pedestrianised streets plus covered marketplaces, shops you’ll know from home and boutiques you won’t. Pop-up food and craft fairs on Lemon Quay are always worth visiting and there are pit-stops galore for when you’re tired, hungry and shopped off your feet.

To shop in Cornwall though is to shop for the unexpected and the unusual. Towns and villages throng with little gems full of locally-made treasures and trinkets, jewellery and paintings, toys and clothes. Wonderful souvenirs are available almost everywhere with coastal chic and nautical niceties a popular choice as well as high-end designer home wear, cult surf wear and award-winning kiddies-wear.

A holiday in Cornwall isn’t complete without seeing artists and craftspeople at work, you’ll be spoilt for choice at which piece of Cornwall to take home with you. Many jewellery-designers offer genuine works of art made from silver, pewter, tin and other traditional materials to guarantee a piece of one-of-a-kind beauty.

Don’t forget your little piece of foodie heaven too – the wonderful Cornish produce from local ales to clotted cream and home-made fudge and world-beating cheeses make delicious gifts for friends and family – or a gift to yourself!

So charge up your batteries because Cornwall offers options galore for even the most hardened of shopaholics.

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