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Hendra Visits…Paulos Circus

Paulos Circus is in Newquay The summer holidays are now officially upon us – how do we know? Not only are we gradually getting busier on Park but Paulos Circus has arrived in town! The big tent is here and we were lucky enough to visit the other day. The Creating Memories Tour is in town from now until the 8th of September. It is just down the road from us at Hendra.

There is definitely something magical about visiting the circus, which I hadn’t done since I was a child myself. We were greeted by all the friendly staff and clown, Mr N, on entering the circus, where the amazing smell of popcorn hit our nostrils and we had to buy some immediately – I am sure circus popcorn tastes better!

My little one’s eyes lit up as the countdown started with the coloured Knife throwing at the circuslights. The first performance was from Los Sanchez who ran around the wheel of death, followed by the comical Mr N. The knife throwing was done spectacularly well, with lots of scares, even though you know deep down it will be okay! Ms. Aurelie made trapeze look completely effortless as she glided around the stage, with her glow in the dark make-up, jumping elegantly on to the illuminated hoop and soaring through the air, preforming wonderful stunts.

There was a Star Wars themed light show, by Yuri Gottani, which was really spectacular; both adults and children were completely transfixed. My little one was impressed with the juggling and was trying to practice with his drink bottle (not very successfully!). The show finished off with another amazing performance by Los Sanchez who cycles on a tightrope and sits on a chair on the tightrope. He shredded a few nerves as he walked across the tightrope completely blind folded (there was a wobble!).

Tightrope at the circus, NeewquayThe show ended with lots of bubbles tumbling down, which the little one loved – who doesn’t love bubbles?
I will let my three-year-old have the final words when I asked what did you like best ‘Everything!’

The show lasts 1 hour and 10 minutes, without an interval. There are performances on each day. Performance times are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 6pm and 8:00pm, Wednesdays 2pm and 8pm, Saturdays 8pm only, and Sunday 2pm andd 4:30pm. The Box Office is open on site every day from Tuesday the 10th of July from 11am daily.

There is an adults only circus show, Hell’s Circus, on selected dates – please see the Facebook page for more details.

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