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Hendra joins the war on plastic, with new App

Henry the Hippo loves new Tidal Revival App Hendra Holiday Park has joined Tidal Revival, an App which offers reward to beach cleaners and litter pickers. 

The app enables users to log the ocean litter they collect and earn points which add up to rewards like free entry to Hendra Holiday Parks Oasis Fun Pools and many others.

Reducing Plastic Waste

Jon Hyatt, director, said “We are very aware of the impact our visitors have on our local environment, both positive, spending an estimated £16 million-plus annually in the local economy, and negative as more people generate more waste!”

To address the impact guests might have Hendra signed up to the fantastic new mobile App called Tidal Revival developed in Cornwall by founder Rob Martindale.  Rob Martindale said: “Awareness around marine litter has grown significantly over the last couple of years. Increasingly people are taking a few minutes out of their trip to the beach to pick up any litter they find. That’s absolutely brilliant in itself. But we are asking people to go one small step further and log what they find via the Tidal Revival app. This is so we can start building a clear picture of the litter in our environment, which is ultimately what will give us the evidence to bring about change.”

Jon Hyatt added, “As a sustainable business award winner we operate a comprehensive policy of recycling, reducing plastic and utilising reusables where we can. We are well placed to encourage our guests to sign up to the Tidal Revival App, by promoting it across the park and in all our communications.  Its not just a responsibility to minimise the impact our business has on the environment but it’s also a brilliant way to engage and inspire visitors to look after the Cornish environment they have chosen to make their holiday destination!”

Download the AppDownload the App - Tidal Revival

The Tidal Revival team in conjunction with Exeter and Plymouth Universities are asking thousands of people, who are now making a litter pick part of their beach going experience, to log their haul and be rewarded too. The App is free to download from the App Store (IOS) or the Play Store (Android)