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a holiday for a girl looking to relive childhood

When I was a little girl me and my family and my grandparents use to go on holiday here every year in August for a week or two, for ten years. It was mine and my brothers favourite place. When I was 16 we stopped going as a family as I got a job and couldn’t go anymore. 9 years down the line for my 25th birthday me and my partner decided to spend the weekend here. My God how excited I was to be able to go back. I relived my childhood the whole time! Apart from there was no park it was a skate park but that doesn’t matter!! The staff were just as friendly as before – the food was to die for and everything was just amazing. Unfortunate for us we came when a storm hit and our tent was ripped open the first night. The staff at the reception was very very nice to us and helped us so we didn’t have to go home. That weekend I stayed in all the accommodation they had to offer. Caravan by far was the best. Thank you so much for everything you did got us. We will never forget you. I’m hoping to come back again sometime next year. Big love to the hendra crew ❤❤❤❤❤

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