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Hendra saved our holiday

We booked a camping holiday, which started wonderfully. That was untill the heavens opened up in the night and our tent failed us. I spent the whole night sweeping water our the tent, and hitting the pegs back in, filling hot water bottles to stop the kids catching a chill and occasionally stopping for an exhausted cry in the loos. Whilst my partner snored peacefully, despite the water dripping on his face. Come morning, the tent was collapsing and I decided to scoop the kids up, get them in something dry and get a hot breakfast in them, and a strong coffee for me. I peel the youngests’ nappy off to reveal a completely blistered botty. That’s when I notice said blisters on his hands, feet and mouth. Poor things come down with hand foot and mouth. Seems like the time to go home, only problem is we don’t drive and were driven there. So I go speak to the lovely people at Hendra, explain our situation and they did everything they could to save our holiday. They eventually found us a caravan where we managed to make the most of the rest of our holiday. The little one had a warm place to recover and my older son enjoyed the facilities. We can’t wait to come back and enjoy everything as a family.

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