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How to be a Green Camper

Hendra's solar farm, green energyHere at Hendra we try and make tourism sustainable, so that for years to come each generation can enjoy the beauty of Cornwall. We have our solar farm, which provides over 75% of our power, we have the Biomass boiler, which heats the pool, and we have rubbish and recycling points on the Park to encourage guests to be green.

The environment in which we live in is incredibly important and we all need to preserve it. There are little things that we can all do which can contribute to a big change at home and away. Here are some top tips on how to be a green camper and change the world!

Use reusable barbecues and crockery and cutlery

To keep waste to a minimum, it is better to use reusable barbecues and crockery and cutlery. We have washing up facilities on Park. Also, please remember to keep barbecues off the ground so they don’t scorch the grass. Always keep barbecues outside, never in the tent. Carbon monoxide poisoning can and has killed, so be extra careful.

Try the environmentally friendly gadgets on the market

If you are serious about camping and staying green, it may be worthwhile in investing in the green versions of camping equipment like a breathable ground sheet. You can also get tents and sleeping bags made out of recycled materials.

Respect the wildlife

Remember that you are in their habitat, not the other way around. Activities like camping are an ideal opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and all that it includes. So expect seagulls if you are by the sea, and many other birds who may be very noisy very early. Take everything you bring camping back home with you or dispose of it properly, especially on the beach– plastic rubbish is a huge problem for marine life. Hendra has a nature trail which is an excellent opportunity to educate children about wildlife, the environment, and the joy of being outdoors.

Use local produce and local suppliers whenever possible

When eating out, or buying food, try and sample the local produce and buy locally whenever possible. Not only is it very tasty, but it reduces your carbon footprint too. It may not always be the cheapest option, but try and make it your mission to try locally sourced food at least once. Next door to Hendra there is the excellent Trevilley Farm Shop, which sells meat and vegetables, bread, pies, pasties and scones. Many local restaurants offer locally sourced food too.

Leave your car or campervan behind

Hendra is on the bus route, with a bus stop right outside the Park. It can be a much better option than driving as you won’t have the hassle of parking.

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