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5 Top Tips For The Best Touring Holidays

Millions of us choose a touring holiday every year – and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular.

Touring holidays give you the freedom to go just about anywhere at any when. Simply pack-up your possessions, hook up your touring caravan and you’re off!

But, if you want your touring holiday to go off without a hitch, then there are some things you should always bear in mind. To help you, we’ve put together a mini guide so you can be sure of a great time away…

  1. Do your research: Take some time and thoroughly research where you plan to stay – make sure you choose a touring park that’s right for you. If you want somewhere with total peace and tranquillity, away from young children, then be sure to avoid parks that offer all-action entertainment – otherwise your peace may be somewhat disturbed.
  2. Choose the right location: Are you looking for coast or country? Do you mind travelling a long way or do you want to stay fairly close to home? Whatever you preference may be, we think Cornwall is the ultimate destination for touring holidays (and our award-winning touring caravan site in Cornwall is the No1 choice!). Enjoy the region’s magnificent beaches, picture postcard destinations and top family attractions. What’s not to like?
  3. Check the condition of your caravan: Before you embark on your journey – no matter how far you’re travelling – it’s always important to do some basic checks. Look at the condition of your tyres, for example. Even if there’s plenty of tread left on them, you can still easily suffer a blow-out, especially if they are quite old. Rubber degrades over time and tyres that are over 5 years old can develop tiny hairline cracks that could lead to a blow-out, under load. Also check things like your breakaway cable and anything that could come loose on a bumpy journey.
  4. Have you packed everything? It may seem like a daft (as well as obvious) question, but you’d be amazed how it easy it is to forget the simplest of things. Let’s not also forget that the good British weather can sometimes ruin our plans. If it looks like non-stop sunshine then make sure you bring your waterproofs, just in case! However, should you forget anything then you can pick up just about anything you need at our Newquay holiday park, which has a shop where you can pick up those essentials as well as bottled gas for your touring caravan.
  5. Plan your journey: Don’t just rely on your Sat Nav to get you there. As well all know, Sat Navs tend to have a mind of their own and seem to defy all logic and reasoning, even on what appear to be the simples of journeys. We tend to find that Sat Navs and Cornwall don’t tend to get along so well, so make sure you know you can easily get your touring caravan along narrow lanes or roads. Having said that, our touring caravan site is easily accessible, just off the A392 near Newquay (with plenty of space and no narrow lanes!)

Are you about to embark on your first touring caravan holiday? Why not take a look at this handy video from the RAC which gives some handy advice…

Want to know more about touring holidays in Cornwall at Hendra? View our touring pages here or browse our gallery of images, below, of our touring fields.

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